BAMF! The Dave Cockrum Treasury

A book review article by: Jason Sacks
If you’re a reader of the columns on this website, you’re probably aware that Dave Cockrum, who co-created (with writer Len Wein) the new X-Men in 1975, had a stroke in December and has been rehabbing a bed in the Bronx VA Hospital ever since. A benefit book and auctions are being organized to help Cockrum and his wife, Paty, get through this difficult time. It’s easy to get depressed thinking of all that Dave and Paty are going through, but it’s also important to remember that Dave is one hell of an artist. Fortunately we have books like BAMF! to remind us of this fact.

BAMF! celebrates the fantastic art of Dave Cockrum, presenting a 40-page portfolio of wonderful and charming images by him. Cockrum presents some of his earliest visions of Nightcrawler, who was originally slated to be a member of an auxiliary of the Legion of Super-Heroes, as well as images of his own characters the Futurians, John Carter of Mars, many Marvel characters and much more. Each image is charming and exciting, a real nostalgic pleasure to view. Cockrum provides annotations for the art, and Chris Claremont writes a heartfelt introduction. It’s a classy package.

Most importantly, the purchase price of each copy of this signed-and-numbered book goes to help Cockrum and his wife as they get through this difficult period of their life.

Full disclosure time: I’m the webmaster of, a new website meant to celebrate the life and career of Dave Cockrum. But I would recommend this book even if I wasn’t involved with the site. Dave Cockrum is a terrific artist who has devoted most of his adult life to providing joy to comic readers. This book is a celebration of his wonderful career, and well worth picking up for any fan of classic bronze age comics.

Apparently less than four dozen copies remain of the book. You can order it from Aardwolf at

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