Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #4

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Kicking off Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales, Alan Moore treats his hero seriously for a change in “Leap of Faith” and characterizes him as more than a mere adventurer. Artwork by Paul Rivoche interests by portraying Tom as typically square-jawed and stalwart and contrasting his heroic looks with the grotesque and comical Pete Dratt who never the less does save the day.

Although I wish Jonni Future’s boobs were not the conical silicone filled sacks that they are, Steve Moore at least makes her more than a pin-up doll. Her actions in this story are original and heroic.

Steve Moore also finally writes a Young Tom Strong story that held my interest. In previous stories, he kept trying to endanger Young Tom’s life, but since we know he becomes Tom Strong, this technique did not lend to the sense of urgency needed for thrills.

The new story deals with emotions and good deeds and keeps Young Tom out of real danger. The character who is imperiled is a true innocent, and we do not know her fate since she has never before appeared in a Tom Strong comic book.

Alan Weiss’ artwork offers exotic sea dwellers and settings. The nature of the innocent is rendered with an unusual color scheme that’s attractive and alien.

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