Battlestar Galactica #0

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Okay, this comic is a quarter. Twenty-five cents. Two bits.

Why do I call that out? Simple. I have a simple rule that I keep in mind when I go to comic conventions. Any comic that you only pay a quarter for is a low-risk decision. If it's good, the comic is a find. A bonus. A treat. If it's awful, it's not a big deal. You don't think much about it; you just file it away and move on.

This, for me, is a comic to file away and move on.

The biggest problem for me here is the artwork. Not only does Nigel Raynor not draw characters the way they look on the TV series, but he often draws them with the wrong facial expressions. Why is President Roslyn smiling on page nine in the midst of a very serious scene? What's with the bizarre expression on the face of Darrin on page eight? Why does the President look so vacuous on page three? In a comic that adapts such a realistic-feeling TV series, it's incumbent on the artist to produce realistic-looking characters.

The plot is a mess, too. The first two pages are extremely confusing; if they're supposed to create the setting, they fail miserably. The scene where Kara wanders into Commander Adama's quarters and starts nosing around is completely out of character. And the master Cylon plot afoot in this issue just doesn't make much sense.

In other words, this is a pretty rotten comic book. But heck, it's only a quarter, so don't let me stop you from picking it up. The photo cover of Six is nice, though she appears nowhere in the issue, and you may think that's worth two bits. As a teaser for a series that will cost $2.99, though, this comic is a miserable failure.

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