Fear Agent #2

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
I was a little unsure of this series after the first issue. The first issue of Fear Agent was fun and cheerful, but it seemed a bit light and insubstantial. But the second issue takes the series to a completely different level.

This second issue delivers all the action and excitement of the first issue, but adds an interesting depth to the series that makes it more interesting. Readers start to get a feel for protagonist Heath Huston: he's an alcoholic exterminator for hire, hunting down nasty alien creatures for a nice commission when he's not pissing off town mayors and talking back to his living spaceship. He's also been through a bitter divorce and is happy to wander through deep space making a buck and ignoring the rest of the world. Until he answers a distress call and begins to find a meaning for his meaningless life...

Remender's story is nice, but the real star of the issue is the art. Moore and Parsons deliver art that is filled to bursting with details. Huston's world seems real because there's nothing to break the reader out of the world. The detailed backgrounds reinforce the setting of the story, and are especially effective in a sequence where Huston discovers the real horrors of the space station he's gone to.

This series is already picking up steam. This issue has an intriguing ending, and I'm look

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