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Green Wake. For those that are reading the series, hearing the name of that damned town conjures up a variety of emotions. Fear. Curiosity. Wonderment. Kurtis Wiebe delivers Green Wake #9 in the waning days of first month of this year. The snow that is blanketing that town seems fitting now more than ever. It's as if this fictional town has sapped all of our cold weather for its own nefarious purposes.

Have you ever seen a movie where everything seems to be rushing inevitably towards a conclusion but you can't tell what it is and the build-up has you so enthralled you aren't even sure you want to get there quite yet? That is what this issue feels like. Wiebe has his foot on the pedal and it is all we can do to keep up.

It is a shame that we may never get to see the full extent of what Wiebe has planned for Green Wake. The series will end with Issue 10, so Morley and Krieger have one more issue to get the bottom of what is happening to their town. Micah offers some enlightening moments, taking Morley to his "school" where a woman made of babies (I don't know how else to describe it) emerges from the water causing Morley to have a vision. Given the brevity of the series I would be willing to guess that the final issue is going to be batshit crazy. 

New meaning to the phrase "Baby Momma"

This series has been a true joy to read from the start. It is rare to find a new medium that is so fascinating, or characters that are so wrapped in mystery that are genuinely compelling. Everything is unknown in this town -- even Morley, who we know plenty about. This issue answers a few questions, particularly about Micah and the children running around Green Wake, but in classic fashion there are always more questions left to answer. For instance, will Krieger get the last laugh with Leon? I hope so. 

Is there an artist out there right now that has their material nailed more than Rossmo? I won't pretend to know that answer, but my guess is going to be no. While Wiebe delivers a striking narrative, it is Rossmo who brings Green Wake to life. I'm not sure there is any other style this comic could have existed in other than Rossmo's dark loose sketch. Everything from Micah's scarf to the nightmarish creatures that emerge from the water are vibrant, well imagined visions from a gifted artist in tune with the story. 

There hasn't been a series that has captured my imagination like Green Wake in a long time. I find myself rereading each issue multiple times in one sitting, trying my best to unravel its mysteries myself. I have total faith in Wiebe and Rossmo to end the series in the best way that they can, but even then I won't be satisfied. I'm always going to want to know what would have happened if the series lasted to Issue 25 like it was originally intended to. It may go down as one of the biggest crimes in comic history that this series doesn't get to go out on its own terms. 



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