Daredevil #8

A comic review article by: Dylan B. Tano

Mark Waid's Daredevil #8 wraps up the "Devil and the Details" story arc, meaning Spider-Man and Daredevil's cross over event/chase for Black Cat's pants comes to its sultry and steamy conclusion. Is it just me or is Black Cat kind of... "easy going?" Perhaps that is slightly off-topic. This is a story about Pete and Murdock, right? Solving crimes, punching bad guy, and chasing tail. In reality Waid has about half of this issue dedicated to Black Cat and Daredevil working the Mr. and Mrs. Smith sexy fight scene angle. The characters have quite the chemistry, the story shifting focus on to them while Spidey pops in and out. The Man Without Fear and the bad luck Black Cat steal the show.

Of course, all this continues from the prior issue where someone framed the Black Cat for stealing a Hologram projector and framed Spider-Man for stalking her. Waid actually uses this issue to set up a future story arc. Let's just say this isn't the last that Daredevil readers will see of Black Cat. As usual, Waid's dialogue flows well and he constructs a story beautifully. He's back in a universe of his creation and he ties in a couple of old story pieces to let the reader know that this is a classic case of Transformer syndrome -- there's more than meets the eye. I'm allowed bad puns right? Writer's privilege.  

Kano does a great job with the, err... "action" in this issue. Let's be honest, when you hear that Black Cat is going to be in an issue and you're a guy, a certain image pops into your head. Curves, leather, and some flexible positioning. Kano doesn't disappoint, drawing the steamy Felicia Hardy at her finest. His depiction of Daredevil and Spider-Man is on the money as well. He seems to handle the acrobatics well. Rodriguez's colors pop, reminding me of a '60s crime thriller. The action blends well and the art in the Daredevil is still consistently outstanding. 

Waid wraps up this issue with one big final twist that hits a little too hard at home for Matt Murdock, the man behind the cowl. Foggy has uncovered something in a local cemetery that will chill Murdock and send the Daredevil out into the night for answers. It's great wrap-up to a crossover, giving just the right amount of answers while leaving a new set of questions. Waid contrasts Daredevil as a man who always looks down the rabbit hole, trying to find the answer while Spider-Man only looks at the surface of the problem. Spider-Man pops out back into his own world while Daredevil is left to probe farther into this mystery. After all, the Man Without Fear never gives up on a case. 



Dylan B. Tano is a relatively new reviewer powered by a love of bacon and constantly distracted by a kitten who would rather use his laptop as a bed. He grew up idolizing Spider-Man and can’t believe he gets to review comics all day.

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