Amazing Spider-Man #678

A comic review article by: Dylan B. Tano

Oh, Peter... will you ever learn? Whenever things are looking up, you should be looking down because you are about to walk into a steaming pile of dog poop. Slott opens up Amazing Spider-Man #678 with Pete loving life -- quite the contrast from the downtrodden Spidey from #677. I've been reading Spider-Man for quite a while now, and a common theme is to kick the web head when he is up. Outside of his love life, good ol' Pete is experiencing quite the happy life; he's an Avenger, a member of the Future Foundation, and happens to have the perfect job working with Horizon Labs. Seems like as good of a time as any to give Parker a swift kick in the ass and Slott delivers it with gusto.

To deliver this kick, Slott decides to bend time and space. What happens if you take Spidey out of New York for a whole day? According to Slott, the entire city gets blown up! We're able to know this because of the eccentric Grady Scrapes, who would be at home in a Pixar film as well as in ASM. He happens to build "a doorway to the break room... ...of tomorrow! Morrrow... morrow..." Pete steps through that doorway only to behold what on the otherside?! Dr. Doom?! Doc Ock?! (Not this month) Skrulls?! How about New York getting completely blown up?!

Damn skippy. Slott decides to blow up an entire city, just to ruin Spider-Man's day. What follows is a high-speed romp of crime fighting and day saving. Grady makes for an unlikely team-up partner, guiding Parker through the day, making sure he does everything he can to set the future right with a paper from the "good" next day. The issue has a very Back to the Future feel to it. Which works quite well, actually, there is even a clock tower at the end of the issue. 

Humberto Ramos delivers some great spreads throughout the issue, from Pete bouncing around a beautifully constructed New York to Peter wandering around a blown up wasteland, the art is consistent and colorful. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people are drawn well throughout the entire book, but the artistic team behind  Amazing #678 does a great job from start to finish. Spider-Man twists and turns to acrobatic perfection and the emotions of the day run high, the stress of saving the entire city alone etched into Pete as he swings about saving the day. 

The World's Worst Super Hero! That is the catch phrase hanging at the top of the cover for this issue. Slott delivers a world without Spider-Man for a day and then gives Pete the chance to save it. The issue is fun, fast, colorful, and intense. It was a joy to read and Slott continues a great run on Amazing Spider-Man and I can't wait to see how Pete pulls this one out. Marty and Doc would be proud of the time traveling shenanigans, although if Spider-Man can't swing in at the nick of time to save the day we may be hearing a "Great Scott!" coming for quite a few in New York before they're vaporized.



Dylan B. Tano is a relatively new reviewer powered by a love of bacon and constantly distracted by a kitten who would rather use his laptop as a bed. He grew up idolizing Spider-Man and can’t believe he gets to review comics all day.

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