Uncanny X-Force #3

A comic review article by: Robert Tacopina
“The Apocalypse Solution” (part 3)

It is official--Uncanny X-Force kicks a copious amount of ass! I never in my wildest dreams would have ever conceived to be so smitten with a comic containing both Deadpool and Fantomex yet here I am. Uncanny X-Force just seems to have so many things going right for it and it has been a joy to read.

In the opening story arc entitled “The Apocalypse Solution” we see the newly revamped X-Force confronting the ever threatening Apocalypse, who has recently been resurrected by his followers the Clan Akkaba. Of course, Apocalypse being the ever strategic villain, always thinking of the future, has created what he deems his Final Horsemen. At the onset of this issue we are treated to an imaginatively compelling small origin of these current Horsemen and how they came to be in En Sabah Nur’s possession. Each Horseman is intriguing in every aspect from their look to their origin and they are all equally frightening in their own individual ways.

All the critical acclaim this series has been receiving is a testament to the writing prowess of Rick Remender. He has done an absolutely remarkable job in coming onto a title that was in such good hands under Kyle & Yost and making it his own distinguishable book consisting of his unique trappings yet still feeling very relevant to what had preceded it. His knack for the team as a group and on their own is dare I say uncanny. He seemingly knows what makes each one tick and it is evident in reading this title that he has done his homework. It takes a serious amount of balls to recreate X-Force into the book that it is today with its cast and plot but the writer has managed to pull it all off exceedingly well.

Of course, a major amount of credit goes to the ever phenomenal artistic maestro Jerome Opena, who once again just delivers another eye melting experience. I could gush on and on about how gorgeous his pencils are. His line work is just stunning and he doesn’t merely handle what the script demands he owns it. The sequence pertaining to the Horsemen and their origins was just a remarkably orchestrated piece of craftsmanship. Plus you toss in the equally incredible coloring of Dean White and Cory Petit on letter detail and you have a slam dunk can’t miss art squad.

Honestly, this book has to be seen to be believed; it is that freaking good and I implore you to take a chance on it. Uncanny X-Force is the X-Men book for all you X-Men fans out there. Thank you Remender, Opena, and company!

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