Chaos War: Ares #1

A comic review article by: Jamil Scalese
The Chaos War continues as the God of War rekindles his rivalry with the Chaos King.

Marvel’s newest event, Chaos War has primarily revolved around Hercules, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see his more aggressive brother join in the fray. Actually, Ares has his own history with Chaos King (a.k.a Amatsu-Mikaboshi) stemming from when the Chaos King kidnapped the god’s son, Alex. The story by Oeming jumps around a little and knowing Ares’ recent history definitely helps in enjoying the book.

We join Ares as he enters the afterlife. If you didn’t remember, Sentry ripped Ares in half like a phone book during Siege, and the editors kindly reprint those panels for your enjoyment. Much of the story is told in dark, ominous places and Segovia gets a chance to show us his own idea of Hell with his firm and professional method. His style has a gritty touch but is overall very smooth and he is solid throughout. Considering the story goes into a lengthy flashback halfway through Segovia does a great job of orienting the reader.

While this one-shot offers some key backstory into the Chaos War through the window of Ares and Chaos Kings previous battle it primarily serves as bridge story to get Ares from the depths of Pluto to the front lines of the main Chaos War story. Though Ares has his moments, and there are some great dialogue exchanges, one can’t help but feel this story led us nowhere. Though the ending was a little bit of a surprise it’s not much of shock considering what we know about Chaos King and his methods.

For the most part, the other Chaos War imprints have been a slightly better though more detached from the main story. This tale has to take a little time to rehash previous, or already addressed, events and overall it suffers. Also, for some reason, the book needed five separate inkers.

If you are looking to get the entire Chaos War experience or just an Ares fan then this is a must-get. But if you are just reading the main title you aren’t missing anything from the overall story.

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