Heroes for Hire #1

A comic review article by: Marvel Comics
In This Issue: “Hello, hero. This is Control. Are you for hire tonight?” And with those three simple sentences begins a new era for the ragtag team of do-gooders known as the Heroes for Hire. Misty Knight, former leader of the last incarnation of the Heroes for Hire takes the reigns again, only this time, with less of a hands-on approach as she recruits different heroes, which she chooses based on their unique strengths, to serve a different function on the same mission, all the while providing Intel and what-not from a non-disclosed location surrounded by monitors and computers a la Oracle from DC’s Bird’s of Prey. But make no mistake, this book has a unique flavor all its own.

The Good: The story starts off with a bang as we are immediately thrown into the action as Control hires some of Marvel’s most hardcore heroes to find and shut down an operation that has been flooding the streets with a new highly additive drug known as Hook. It’s this kind of street level approach that really gives the book a hard edged feel that really makes Heroes for Hire stand out amongst other team titles.

Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning really know how to handle each character and use their distinct abilities to add great excitement to an already high octane story. With such a big and diverse cast, Abnett and Lanning never once lose sight of who these heroes are and more importantly, what drives them to do what they do. The plot is tight and well paced, focusing the right amount of time on each team member, never lingering for too long on one particular character, which if done wrong, can make or break a book like this. The dialogue is as sharp and as hard edged as the heroes who spit them out, and Moon Knight takes the cake by uttering what is probably the best line I’ve read in a comic book this year. (As tempted as I am to repeat it, I would prefer you run out and buy the comic and read it for yourself. It’s that good.)

Artist Brad Walker provides the cherry bomb on top with characters and sequences that practically explode off the page and grab you by the throat. His art is rock solid, which is a perfect fit is for these no-nonsense street level heroes. Not one line is wasted as the men appear heroic and strong, while the ladies look deadly and beautiful. But the true high-light of Walker’s art is how he renders the surprise long-time Marvel villain at the end of the book who has never looked more terrifying in all his years. Keep your eyes on Walker. He’s gonna go places.

The Bad: The bad is that I don’t think Marvel has pushed this book enough to get it on anyone’s monthly pull list, which is a real damn shame since this is one of Marvel’s best debuts this year, hands down.

The Bottom Line: If this first issue is any indication, Heroes for Hire will continue to be a must-read. It boasts hard as nails writing by the fan favorite team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and sharp as steel art by extremely talented Brad Walker.

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