Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers #1

A comic review article by: Karyn Pinter
BOOM! Studios puts the Rescue Rangers, led by the daring duo, Chip and Dale, back into action. But what kind of action is it? I had a hard time figuring it out. The comic was a riddle of flashbacks, odd edits, and drastic scene changes. Some of flashbacks weren’t labeled as flashbacks at all and at one point I thought the team had time warped. I was a big fan of the cartoon way back when, it was part of my everyday afternoon, but even after nearly two decades, I don’t remember the cartoon being so nonsensical.

It was hard to get the story straight in-between the disjointed storyline. The Rescue Rangers are on the hunt for something that involves a key, but it seems the key is in many pieces? It starts in the sewer and ends in a pirate ship. That sentence alone should sum up my problem with this first issue. This hurt the comic the most, that the story just didn’t have a solid foundation.

It wasn’t all bad though, the art and the writing was fine, it’s just the way it seemed edited, or chopped at odd spots that hurt it. I loved the art, I know some might argue that it’s simple to copy the characters, but it was so much like the original that I was flooded with memories of watching the cartoon. While reading it I could remember the character’s voices and hear them speaking the dialogue. It was kind of a surreal thing, having something you’ve pretty much forgot about all of a sudden come rushing all back. It would have been a great moment if I could tell what exactly was happening in the comic. All one can really hope for is that the comic will improve along the way, otherwise all us fans will have to sit around watching clips on YouTube and fondly remembering the days of when cartoons were worth watching.

It’s a sad day. I was greatly looking forward to reading this, to get a sweet trip down memory lane to the good ole days of childhood. A fair try by BOOM! but it just didn’t cut it. I haven’t ready any of their other cartoon based comics, like Duck Tales, but I would hope it reads better than Chip ‘n Dale.

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