Daredevil: Reborn #3

A comic review article by: Travis Walecka
Marvel seems to have a thing with being "Reborn” like DC with their “Secret Origins.” With news coming out of C2E2 that Mark Waid will control the reigns as Daredevil writer -- promising a more jovial version of the oft-depressing superhero, to boot -- it’s hard to believe Matt Murdock will be “reborn” anytime before then; especially, if you witness this issue’s last few pages.

While fickle attitudes towards Andy Diggle’s Shadowland and post-Shadowland work have become normality, there is a sense of a clear goal for Daredevil in mind. It’s just a shame readers had to bury themselves through a couple of Scalped rip-offs just to get there. And, if the ultimate doom Matt faces on the last page were to remain that way, there would be no “to be concluded” or announcements of the next (if albeit possible) Daredevil writer.

In other words, the suspense is gone: we know Matt’s not going to die and that all of this is for knot.
Not to say that Reborn #3 is a completely bad issue. In fact, despite the cheeseball factor of a Knight Rider/MacGyver-like standoff between Murdock and some fraudulent police hicks taking over much of its length, the reading is quite brisk. Even the haunting antagonist -- who appears akin to a character from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman -- is worth the wait. I’m just not sure next issue’s payoff will be, with readers already knowing about Matt’s Hell’s Kitchen skip-over to join Petey as another swaggering Uptown super.

In all, who knows who's to blame for Diggle’s once-promising, post-Dark Reign run that’s condemned to end unremarkably. We know Marvel’s an editor’s house, a marketing dream and perhaps Digs never had the fair shot given to his antecedents, Brian Bendis and Ed Brubaker.

Although we know where Daredevil’s next adventures are on to next, what about Andy Diggle? I don’t see any future solicitations for the man who created The Losers, did a fantastic Adam Strange, and had a hell of a run on Thunderbolts.

Much like Matt Murdock’s seemingly fruitful months, I hope for the talented UK scriber’s sake he receives the same treatment.

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