Tiny Titans #38

A comic review article by: Thomas Crawford
Fun fact: The place where I go to school and the place where I buy my comics are in different states, so it’s rare I get to review the choices on my pull list the week they come out. Imagine how excited I was to finally be able to post a review of Tiny TItans for this site.

Now imagine how disappointed I was when, for possibly the first time ever, Tiny Titans didn’t totally deliver. In fact, it fell flat. I suppose 38 issues of perfection is a lot to ask of any series, especially one aimed at younger readers, but still, I was unprepared for anything less than the usual laugh-out-loud hilarity Baltazar and Franco deliver every month.

Don’t worry, though -- this issue still has its trademark cuteness; it just isn’t as consistent as it’s been in the past. Underwater Titans TNTeena and Hard Rock are hilarious (They only get two lines each, but they were all chuckle-worthy), and there’s a sketch with Beast Boy at the end that would give Daffy Duck a run for his money.

Unfortunately, the main feature itself missed its mark. Aquagirl and Aqualad were both equally bland as lead characters, and the less said about the Underwater Titan “The Face,” the better. That and the “wet pants” joke that wouldn’t end were both detrimental to this issue.

(Side note: Am I the only one who thinks the inclusion of Arthur Jr. is a bit macabre?)

If you like this series, you won’t mind adding this issue to your collection. But since the funny moments aren’t quite enough to outweigh the rest, I’d recommend waiting until next month if you’re still on the fence about buying this normally excellent series.

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