Simpsons Comics #176

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Lisa discovers that Homer's been trying to acquire a college fund for her via the lottery. Desperate for a higher education, the star-haired Simpson sibling enters the wonderful world of volunteering.

Her desire to help places her among the cats, specifically those of the Crazy Cat Lady. Lisa does her job, and she earns her reward. The cat lady names her executor to her estate.

When Homer finds out about the inheritance, he immediately becomes involved, and the humor increases. That said, the issue isn't really all that funny, but it is a perfect Simpsons story using the continuity intrinsic to the series.

If you listen to the series commentary, the showrunners and creators of the buffoonery state that one of the show's themes is "don't even try." We've seen examples of this before. Lisa attempted to help Mr. Burns become a better person. Instead, he trawls the oceans and turns the sea life, most of it endangered, into pet food at a superbly green plant.

Dixon derives a similar fate for Lisa's well meaning intentions. By the end of the story, everything unravels, and you can almost hear the Alf Clausen musical stings as "the horror" begins. Kudos also to the artists. Absurd visuals, sure, but I doubt so-called dramatic illustrators currently in the field could manage to intensify the terrors in the finale, yet Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo and Art Villanueva match the assault on Gayle Hunnicut in Eye of the Cat.

This wry issue of The Simpsons is recommended for fans of the show but not necessarily the casual reader who may just find Lisa's unjustified comeuppance a little mean.

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