Soldier Zero #6

A comic review article by: Sam Salama
I jumped into Soldier Zero after some months of waiting, and after I finished reading it I thought “why didn’t I come on board earlier?” If the quality and intensity of the series is always as good as with this issue, I am definitely going to be on board for DnA’s latest team-up!

Soldier Zero #6 is the kind of book that doesn’t hold back -- that grabs you in the middle of an arc but doesn’t waste time with lousy recapping or any of that stuff. Instead, we get to see the hero in action, while all the cast dances around. Like in a good Spider-Man story.

The best thing of this story, however, was not the fast pacing or the non-stop action…that you can get in many more places. No, it was that perfect mix between mystery, action and fun.
That mix is really difficult to pull off by most of the current comic-book writers, but DnA certainly nailed it. Stan “The Man” is credited as “Grand Poobah,” being the one to provide the inspiration for these characters. Once again comic-book fans owe Lee a debt of gratitude.

And what about Javier Pina! In five little words: he was born for this. He excels at penciling strange creatures and enormous robots, while at the same time taking great detail with the rendering of facial and body expressions.

So yes, this creative team officially got me excited to read the next issue, and find out what happened to the hospital, to Soldier Zero, to Lily, to James… man, to everyone!

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