Women Are from Venus, Men Are Idiots

A comic review article by: Erid Jones
Women Are from Venus, Men Are Idiots is a welcome change from what I typically review--not that I, in any way, dislike robots or superheroes, but sometimes it's good to get on to something else, and that's why this small square was much like a working vacation for me.

The book is a collection of cartoonist John McPherson's comic strip "Close to Home," which is published in over 700 newspapers worldwide. For those unfamiliar, it's much like "Ziggy" or "The Farside" in that its a typical “snapshot” picture a caption, so its fairly typical newspaper comic fare.

McPherson has a fairly rough visual style, which I'd usually have a lot of complaints about, but for this sort of project it really works and, in its own way, the style serves as an excellent highlight for the creator's wry, and occasionally dry, sense of humor. There's a lot of visual puns and wordplay that one would expect from even the most cunning of linguists.

Unfortunately, even though there are a few hearty laugh-out-loud moments in the book, it's not going to spectacularly stand out on one's bookshelf compared to the many other books of this sort. It does have a few saving graces, however. McPherson does a better job of delving into the nuances of relationship dynamics in the modern couple than do a lot of the other books I've come across in a while. He includes everything from married couples literally butting heads with ram-horn-caps to shedding tears when a wife cleans house and accidentally sells a rare beer bottle and everything in-between.

While the $9.99 cover price may be a little steep at first glance, the production of this beautifully covered hardbound book does help make it a very welcome addition to one's bookshelf--especially if you have a very similar sense of humor to the author's. For a preview of what you can expect, you might want to swing by www.closetohome.com to check out more of his work.

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