Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #12

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
A giant, green monster lays waste to several Texas towns. This is news to Bruce Banner, who hasn't heard haunting piano music in Texas once.

For an inventory story, this slugfest pitting the Abomination against the Hulk isn't horrible. Raicht comes up with a solid premise, uses the Adventureverse's freshness to blow off some dated dust from the Abomination and characterizes the Hulk as a genuine champion.

The original Abomination was a Soviet spy positioned as an MP in Thunderbolt Ross' command. Raicht imagines the Abomination's alter-ego as a respected scientist that worked with Bruce on the Gamma Radiation Project. At first the Abomination asks Bruce for a cure -- kind of short-sighted, but as the story progresses, it's clear. The Abomination gets off on the destruction, and before you can say, "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry," two Green Goliaths start duking it out.

Raicht distinguishes the Abomination and the Hulk in one rousing scene before unleashing the clash of jade fists. The Abomination tosses a car at a school bus. Raicht takes the interesting tack of focusing on one of the soon to be victims performing some serious wish fulfillment, then cuts to the kid's point of view where the Hulk saves the day. Now, you can be cynical and suggest the Hulk really wasn't aware of the school bus full of kids, but the Hulk performed acts of valor in Marvel continuity proper. His Adventureverse incarnation is slightly smarter and even more heroic.

Udon's Ryan Odagawa and Sotocolor's J. Rauch illustrate massively muscled mammoths better than they do normal people. Dig the dude with the porno mustache, but you never get lost while perusing the panels, and the Hulk's save is expertly timed.

While regular readers of Marvel Adventures Super Heroes may be miffed over the lack of Paul Tobin's Avengers, Hulk fans will be pleased with this spotlight on their favorite green guardian.

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