Red Sonja #55

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
This is a summary for my review of Red Sonja #29:

"Oeming and Reed murder any pretense of feminism in the finale of this much hyped arc that pits Sonja against her Marvel foe Kulan Gath... Oeming and Reed make Sonja into a vegetable homunculus created by the Goddess who has now been relegated to mortal sorceress. Sonja is essentially a potato."

That was the last straw for me. I never picked up another Red Sonja book until now. Finally, after thirty plus issues, Eric Trautmann, that witty writer of the promising new run of Vampirella, returns Sonja's humanity. No, longer is she "The Spud-Devil with a Sword." No, in one fell swoop, Trautmann reinstates her womanhood, her crown of feminism and her Goddess. For that, Red Sonja earns three bullets. That's two bullets more than the above mentioned issue, which received the lowest score possible. So, you can read this trip down memory lane as a vast improvement even if it only garnered a traditionally average score.

Trautmann furthermore makes the Goddess a positive force in Sonja's life, and he ends the book on an optimistic note. If he's the writer for Sonja's newest adventures, then I'll definitely be taking a more than cursory glance through the forthcoming issues.

Patrick Berkenkotter's artwork is a bit hit and miss with me. I like the more muscular build on Sonja and her attitude, but I'm not sure about the protruding nipples beneath the chain-mail. Really? They're so powerful that they can strain body armor?

Berkenkotter does something with Sonja's tongue that's rather disturbing. This is the most you'll see of the underside of anybody's tongue, and it's just not pretty. Maybe he was trying to show the unattractiveness of drunken behavior, I don't know. It made me wince. However, Vinicius Andrade makes that crimson mane a symbol, and his shine on Sonja's armored shirt is a lot more appealing than the traditional chain-mail bikini.

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