Punisher: In the Blood #4

A comic review article by: Travis Walecka
The Punisher. There’s been three movies, several runs since its inception, and the ever-popular Hot Topic black tee with the large white skull. Now why does the Punisher -- as a comic -- get absolutely no respect? Perhaps, it’s the fact we’re bound to a familiar result: Frank slays legions of lower-end mobsters and Z-list villains with the best handmade arsenal this side of Liam Neeson in Taken (or Unknown, take your pick), yet never comes close to duplicating the same results as the ever-powerful Spider-Man, Thor, etc.

Thus, with Rick Remender’s In the Blood, readers are taken down another haunting, not-all-that-different path than the films that also did little to place Castle at the pinnacle of superheroes. We’re treated with a deformed, snuff-suited mistress claiming to be Frank’s dead wife, Maria; a blonde and brunette double-deuce of Frank’s most famous arch-enemy, Jigsaw; two former communication compatriots in dire straits, whose recent actions have Frank mending on the fence; and Frank, himself, who we know won’t die since Daken already took care of that several months ago.

That last moment, ironically, happened to be the best thing to happen to Frank in years. Many had their issues with the imaginative FrankenCastle, yet it was the most attention this character had received in years. Otherwise, the current, excellent mini-series has little commentary, few reviews, unfound blog talk, and zilch marketing.

Turning Frank Castle into a monster wasn’t a bad idea, after all. While In the Blood has certainly been profound, you’d have to be a diehard to notice. With a brand new #1 on the way, could we possibly receive a Frank more involved with the Marvel Universe? In the beginning, we were teased with possible brawls featuring Norman Osborne and The Hood that never came to fruition. Jigsaw’s cool, but it’s about time Punisher received a well-deserved push…

…because no matter how much I sell you on this remarkable run from Remender, you’re probably not going to care anyway.

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