Deadpool #33

A comic review article by: Jamil Scalese
In this edition of Deadpool, Wade ventures where no wise-crackin’ mercenary has traveled before -- space. Unless you follow Deadpool Corps -- then you’ve seen the Deadpool(s) in space for about a year.

The only things more “out there” than outer space are Marvel’s solicitations and distribution lists. In my last review for this series, I mentioned a different artist, Bong Dazo, was taking over duties for the upcoming arc. Also, I was under the impression that Marvel’s “Point One” initiative would be the next issue in the series. On both counts I was wrong, and I’m not even sure who to blame.

So, I’m done making predictions. Let's instead focus on the present issue. The most important detail you need to know is that Carlo Barbieri is back on art duties. Barbieri previously worked on a dozen or so issues of this book and I am extremely excited to have a little more visual stability to go with the typically solid and reliable writing of Daniel Way. Barbieri would terrific pencilling just about any comic, but his versatility fits Deadpool and his super adventures.

Additionally, for the second time in the last three issues, I have to give a nod to Dave Johnson for a very sexy cover. I absolutely love the new layout. There’s something about the revamped Wade Wilson is DEADPOOL title block that is both super cool and tongue-in-cheek.

In the last issue, Deadpool matched muscle with intergalactic bounty hunter Macho Gomez, a kooky, Latino-themed extraterrestrial who's not lost in the current plot. Macho's silliness follows Deadpool into space as we meet several similarly silly (though interesting) characters, including an alien hippo race, a space-faring repo service and a fun twist on a classic Stan Lee/Jack Kirby creation.

While the plot’s sense of purpose is still not defined (this is Deapdool after all), this issue was fairly entertaining and goofy without being superfluous. In the last few issues the story has been pretty stagnant, with a lot of “been there, done that,” but with Wade Wilson’s recent enterprise into the black void of space I sense a certain freshness to the title that I openly embrace.

Deadpool #33.1 is still on the way, but this also serves as a very good jumping-on point. Is this the return of the funny, shameless ass-kicking, mercenary Deadpool? We shall see.

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