Magedlena #5

A comic review article by: John Giltinan
Magdalena getting her own ongoing series gives the character a showcase she definitely deserves. Witchblade and The Darkness are Top Cow’s cash cows and, as an unfortunate result, other stories and characters tend to get lost in the shuffle. Now the spotlight is on Mags and, with Marz writing her story, she shines.

It is great that Magdalena gets back to the roots of the character’s pious origins, giving long ignored people like Cardinal Innocent something of substance to do. While he does not appear much in this issue, it is nonetheless good to see he has not been forgotten. A scheming man with dubious intentions, Marz gives the reader reason to be suspicious of him, especially the sadistic simple smile he flashes. The heroine herself is portrayed as strong, smart, and unwavering in her faith. She has an interesting relationship with her mentor, both show strong affection and if not for their commitments would be that much more affectionate. I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop.

The meat and potatoes of this issue are fairly standard. The good guys have been captured, then escape and launch an attack on the bad guys. Nothing too spectacular, but a solid piece of narrative to get from point A to point B. The way Magdalena was able to escape her bondage was too easy for my liking, showing an astounding amount of incompetency on the villains part. There is a nice twist at the end when Mags must slay her foe. Whether it was true or not, it left me wanting to see what happens next.

The covers by Ryan Sook are gorgeous, it disappoints me when I open the comic and see the interiors are not as beautiful. Still, Blake’s art are pretty good. He draws a very attractive Magdalena, and the demons she fights are quite ferocious looking with all their pointy teeth. Her face is very well done -- without great detail, he is able to portray her as very beautiful. The colors are vibrant, and are nicely contrasted by pitch black shadows that consume certain scenes. This is especially effective in the nightmare sequence.

This comic is a real treat for long time fans of the Top Cow Universe, but enjoyment is not just limited to them. Anyone can pick up an issue of Magdalena and find something to like. I say, buy it.

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