Wonder Woman #607

A comic review article by: Karyn Pinter
Wonder Woman’s fight against the minion of the The Morrigan ends in death, and the trio of villainesses restored from death lay siege to the Amazon safe house. The two battles are fought, but the war is only heating up.

I don’t know what happened, but Wonder Woman is revitalized suddenly. Maybe it’s Phil Hester. That’s all I can think of, that Phil swooped in and just started kicking ass and taking names, and he’s encouraged Straczynski to do the same. I like what they’ve done with that character. I’m not in love with it completely -- she still doesn’t ring true to the Wonder Woman we all grew up with -- but this is the “all-new” Wonder Woman and I can live with that. She has this rage to her, which is on full display this issue as she pounds a skeleton army to dust, and original Wonder Woman never went off the deep end on anyone, that I can remember. Everything was controlled or in the name of justice. Now Diana will just lose it and go crazy on the bad guy the way a normal person would do if their loved ones were threatened. I may not like the pants, but I like the shiny new kick-ass mentality of Wonder Woman.

And it’s not just Wonder Woman who’s gotten an attitude makeover; the villainesses have crossed the line into hardcore mode. Giganta, Artemis and my new favorite, Cheetah, are now all far more brutal than their previous selves, especially Cheetah. This is what I expected to see from a villain named Cheetah: someone ruthless who runs down her prey.

Alright; the characters are entertaining, but what about the story? The story is moving by nicely. Guh, I was trying to think of something bad in the past Wonder Woman to compare this new Wonder Woman to, and that whole mess with Genocide is what popped up first. What a freaking waste that was. It was like the story that would not die. Genocide’s mission was to just break and destroy Wonder Woman. Well, mission accomplished. It was like the heart attack, after the stroke, after the car wreck that was the 2009-2010 run of Wonder Woman. It was far too drawn out, had bad characters and did bad things to good characters. Bottom line, it sucked and it sucked hard. This new storyline has the same characters we know and love, but has made them angry, vile and interesting. It moves along at a reasonable pace, and introduces new elements to keep things fresh, instead of bleeding one dry and moving on.

What an amazingly vast improvement over what was Wonder Woman. I know I’ve really harped on the steady mediocrity of the comic, but I think that ray of sunlight might finally be shining through. I’m not getting my hopes up yet, however. Life is full of ups and downs, and this might be a really nice high, but it can still come crashing down like things tend to do. Fingers crossed, we all get a nice long run of goodness out of this current wonder team, because lord knows could use the boost.

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