Spider-Girl #4

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Kraven tasks his daughter to hunt Spider-Girl. I couldn't have cared less. The Big Deal of this Big Time tie-in? Paul Tobin introduces Sofia Sandoval into continuity proper.That's right. Chat debuts in Spider-Girl. Chat is Peter Parker's girlfriend in the Marvel Adventureverse. Now, she'll be Anya Corazon's comrade.

The Big Time subplot really felt like nothing. I don't know who Ana Kraven is. I thought Kraven was dead, and if Marvel wants me to care, they might have hired a pair of decent artists to fill in for regular Spider-Girl illustrator Clayton Henry.

Maybe this criticism is unfair. Maybe the artists didn't have the time to complete the issue, but one artist looks like a Frank Miller/Klaus Jansen influenced storyboarder. The other one is an unpolished Michael Gaydos wannabe. Incidentally, Gaydos is the artist that made Alias (the comic book, not the television series) butt ugly.

Neither Southworth or Alzaceta compliment each other's style. Not that it would matter. Either artist is a poor choice for Spider-Girl. Both strive to be artsy and cutting edge, near underground. Spider-Girl's art should be warmer and friendlier.

You shouldn't feel as if your eyes had been assaulted by grunge that apparently excuses basic mistakes. s Anya a full grown woman with such a physique? Or is she a, you know, Spider-Girl? Is she a light-skinned Latina? Is she a dark-skinned Latina? Is she a complexion in between? Pick a page. You'll get lucky.
Manuel Garcia as inked by, say, Karl Kesel would make an excellent fit for Spider-Girl. So would Colleen Coover. Not that I believe a new team is warranted. Clayton Henry will probably be back after Marvel stops interrupting the schedule with all of this Big Time nonsense.

The substitute artwork is a detriment to the aims of Paul Tobin. Spider-Girl started with such promise, and now the Powers that Be seem to be going out of their way to kill any possibility that fans might enjoy the comic book.

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