Uncanny X-Force #2

A comic review article by: Robert Tacoina
“The Apocalypse Solution” (part 2)

Wow! Talk about a damn fun book! X-Force has impressed yet again for the second straight issue under the brilliant creative team of writer Rick Remender and artist Jerome Opena. In fact, this sophomore offering was even better than the debut of this all new line-up. This was largely in part to the larger amount of character development we were treated to within the second chapter of “The Apocalypse Solution.”

Remender has such a great understanding of what not only makes these characters tick but manages to push them even further in developing them into a seemingly organic by product of the story. You feel for Warren as he unknowingly walks into the rest of the team training for his possible turn at the hands of Apocalypse due to his manipulation in the past by the so-called “first mutant.” Yet while you sympathize with Angel you also realize that the teams’ actions and precautions are warranted and, therefore, necessary.

There are a great number of scenes here that are extremely well conceived but there are two in particular that I wanted to mention in my review. The first is a scene in which Warren and Logan are walking through the bowels of their facility, Cavern-X, and you see how Warren has set up shop and how it incorporates the varied history of the X-Men into their new home. Huge images of past teams from the original to more current rosters line the halls as well as uniforms and masks of many X-Men past and present. It was very similar to what Batman has done with the Batcave, but much more subdued and, as a result, more endearing to the reader.

The other scene deals with Betsy and Warren as they come to terms with the demons nestled within Warren’s soul and how Betsy knows the real man deep inside of him is that of Warren and not the Apocalypse created byproduct. You also see how deep the two are into their relationship, which may have initially seemed to pick right up after years of being apart. Yet once again Remender handles this situation in amazing fashion by having Betsy admit to Warren that she makes him feel the most human she has felt in a long time, especially after Nightcrawler’s death.

Even the two most polarizing additions to the team, Deadpool and Fantomex, come across in such a likable fashion. Writers tend to get in trouble when writing Wade because of his unique mannerisms but under RR’s pen it comes off rather well. The humor is there and in great form and Wade’s interaction with Fantomex is so seamless. I could see these two in a buddy book they just have such great chemistry.

Then you factor in Apocalypse himself as a young boy being “taught” of his greatness and his destiny as the supposed savior of the mutant race. At first glance the premise of Youngpocalypse just felt misdirected but after seeing him in action I confess to totally digging the concept. Oh, and the new incarnation of the Four Horsemen are so incredibly well thought out and menacing. They are much more in line with the genesis of the real world Horsemen of the Apocalypse and are a scary threat now as opposed to what they initially were during their initial inception.

Rick Remender has been so damn awesome with his plotting, dialogue, and characterizations. The story just flows so smoothly as it transitions from scene to scene thanks in large part to the beautiful art that Jerome Opena has been producing. He has ramped up the intensity in his work and it shows through out the course of the book. His handling of facial expressions has been a surprise and lends itself to the tone of the story considerably. This is the best stuff that I have ever seen him produce and I have been following his work for some time now.

If you can’t tell by now I am head over heels in love with this title! I have totally bought into this hook, line, and, sinker. A must read, top of the stack, action packed, emotionally charged, ass kicking great time!

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