Invaders Now! #5

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
The spirits of the innocent dead impede a creature that would be quite at home in Cthulhu's cosmos. The supernatural stratagem gives the Invaders time to stage a rematch against Hitler's ubernazis.

The Invaders mobilize teamwork honed on the whetstone of decades to defeat the losers that time forgot. Caio Reis and Vinicius Andrade direct awesome dynamics that speak the language of the superhero; violence in the name of righteousness. Good versus evil. This is the essence of the superhero story, and thanks to Reis and Andrade, it's stylishly and imaginatively meted out.

The Nazis set themselves up as the heroes of the picture a few chapters ago. I was confused by their declarations. At first I thought Invaders Now meant to tarnish the team, but now it's clear that Gage and Ross meant to reinforce the Invaders' brand of heroism.

Nazi heroes is an oxymoron. The Nazis, of course, want to save the world for their own designs. They'll use the Spear of Destiny against the creature, but only after they kill their foes. Invaders Now isn't a story where good and evil must pool their resources to end the greater threat to the universe, ala Crisis of Infinite Earths. Instead, Ross and Gage paint a petty portrait of the villains that justifiably characterizes collusion with the Invaders as impossible.

The Nazis are simply the Nazis. Once they kill the Invaders. Once they kill the creature, then they can rule the world. You can insert the maniacal laugh here, and you may roll your eyes at the sound, but it's accurate. The Nazis were the nesting dolls of evil.

The Nazi mentality extends to the so-called Ubercommandos' actions. The villains' egos forbid collaboration. Indeed, Warrior Woman throws Master Man under the bus. Contrast this selfishness to the behavior of the Invaders.

A superb splash page depicts a hero wielding Cap's shield and plunging the Spear into the beast's eye. It appears this character will sacrifice himself for the greater good. Fitting?Sure, but satisfying? Not really. You expect him to die. Tradition demands that he dies. Instead, the Invaders demonstrate more unity to rescue him from what would have been a trite, predictable and meaningless finish.

While I had issue with the first few chapters of Invaders Now, the story finishes on an uplifting, optimistic note and exemplifies the teamwork that I really wish wasn't so rare a find.

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