Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #11

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
The Hulk pays a visit to Ben Grimm, but the fisticuffs on the cover do not ensue. Rather, writer Paul Tobin and artists Ronan Cliquet, Amilton Santos and Chris Sotomayor render a heartwarming tale against the backdrop of discovery. Meanwhile, Cap moves on after last issue's revelation. Not only does Reed Richards unconditionally love Sue, he will risk the time/space continuum to save her.

The main story introduces Tobin's version of the Hulk, which is similar to the classic "Hulk smash!" Hulk. However, his Hulk is a little sharper, a little more self-aware and a little less angry. Originally, the Hulk served with honor in Jeff Parker's brilliant Marvel Adventures Avengers. Tobin's version is a lonesome, misunderstood soul, feared by most.

In Tobin's tale, the Hulk makes two excellent companions: Sue Storm and Ben Grimm. Have no fear: while this story is filled to the brim with heart, Tobin also steeps the vignette in Marvel/Jack Kirby lore. In addition, A Hulk villain pays his respects to the impromptu archaeology dig only to be outwitted by Sue and outmuscled by the Thing and the Hulk. He also provides the scintillating moment of comedy sold by Ronan Cliquet's and Amilton Santos' expressive artwork as well as letterer's Dave Sharpe's tiny font: "Oh. My. Heavens." Did I just hear the utterance of Marvin the Martian? Why, yes, I believe I did.

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