Shadowflame #3

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Shadowflame interrupts an armed robbery turned murder. New character Desiree steps into the spotlight, and Maldestrak arrives on earth.

This is an okay issue of Shadowflame. Martino fleshes out the eponymous character's personality. Less angry than in previous issues, he appears more of a champion like Superman than a vigilante like the Punisher. He refuses to condone murder and even protects the villain.

The book loses points for Dr. Anarchy, the villain of the piece. First, his costume is a gouge to the eyes: yellow, green and red. Awful. Second, he's got some funky mustache, beard and hair issues. Third, and worst of all his powers lack coherency. He appears to not just to mentally attack characters. He can also control temperature, or perhaps his head-popping of the guard was an illusion. It's never quite clear.

In contrast, Desiree, simply a deftly trained government operative with counteractive gizmos, works fairly well as an ambivalent foil for Shadowflame. However, I would have appreciated more foreshadowing in her appearance.

Art by Naser Subashi is excellent. The inking could be a little less scratchy but overall this is a superior effort and something one doesn't expect from an independent.

The third issue of Shadowflame is more or less a filler, but it still has some good points, mostly involving the strength of Shadowflame's character.

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