Thor, the Mighty Avenger #6

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Thor reaches the Rainbow Bridge only to find Heimdall blocking his path to Asgard. Odin ordered Heimdall to stop Thor and this gives the guardian ample opportunity to display his power.

I'm at a loss why Thor, the Mighty Avenger didn't rack up the numbers it should have. This is simply put the best Thor book on the racks. Roger Langridge's writing is suffused with wit and charm. Often it's fueled by pure poetry: "To have to turn my full power upon you in earnest...this would truly break even my mighty heart in two." In what other comic book can you find such lyrical dialogue?

Langridge resolves several mysteries this issue. We find out who marooned Thor on Earth and separated him from his hammer, a twist I never saw coming. Langridge explains the appearance of Fin Fang Foom on the cover and he maturely addresses Thor's relationship with Jane Foster.

Langridge splits the story between two days. The events in one day predicate the events in the next day. Heimdall's and Thor's actions impact on Thor's date with Jane and the best thing about this whole story is that Langridge doesn't spell things out. Instead, he lets the reader feel what's happening.

Chris Samnee reinvents Heimdall. I don't recall Heimdall being so huge before and it's fascinating that he can dwarf Thor yet not undermine the Thunder God's standing. The change in skin color is a welcome facet that imbues a sense of melting pot realism to the book and Heimdall's battle against Thor is a memorable, believable scrap.

Samnee and Wilson are equally adept when presenting the warmth in Thor's relationship with Jane Foster. I just love the way they embellish natural body language to the characters and, thanks to their artwork, Thor and Jane make such an adorable couple. Thor's tribute to Jane is perfectly in keeping with his character and you never doubt that this is how he sees her. It's not mere bombast.

Rarely does a book demonstrate such intelligent writing and beauty in art. Naturally, Thor, the Mighty Avenger had to be canceled. It was too good.

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