Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #8

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Spider-Man tries out a new identity while attempting to pry information about Chat's sister. Meanwhile, Emma Frost steps onto the stage for an encore appearance.

The Torino Family put a bounty on Spider-Man's head and after he helped Emma Frost, the police wish to see the web-slinger behind bars. For this reason, Spidey and Chat, Spidey's girlfriend, have been trying to design a new identity for him. Enter the Mace. Likeable enough model, but I'm not all too keen on this subplot.

As Mace, Spider-Man tangles with an arsonist called Cinder. It's an okay battle that's enlivened by Emma returning as the Silencer.

Rob Di Salvo provides excellent artwork, especially when Spidey goes into action, either as Mace or in the familiar blues and reds.

This isn't the issue of Marvel Adventures Spider-Man I'd give to a new reader, but it's a perfectly competent if ordinary look into the lives of Spidey, Chat, and Emma Frost for faithful fans.

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