Soldier Zero #2

A comic review article by: Justin Carmona
In This Issue: Picking up right were the first issue left off, Afghanistan war veteran Stewart Trautmann learns more about the remarkable Soldier Zero armor and its last mission. Meanwhile, the very same alien threat that killed all the other space soldiers makes its play on Earth to finish what it started.

The Good: Writer Paul Cornell adds some very nice touches to this issue, especially when the armor offers to give the physically challenged Stewart full use of his legs for as long as they armor is bonded to him. However, instead of being ecstatic at the chance to walk again, Stewart is angered because he simply doesn’t want what he is not meant to have. He would rather everyone around him get used to the person he is now.

The art by Javier Pina and Sergio Ariño is just as crisp, expressive, and fresh as the first issue. They know to make the story flow with characters that feel and act real, while colorist Archie Van Buren uses a very vibrant color palate which really works for a book which crosses superheroics with a sci-fi twist.

The Bad: While the first issue of Soldier Zero was good, I was very hopeful this second installment would be even better. Sadly it wasn’t. So far the story has not offered anything we haven’t already seen or read before. Part of what makes for a great comic is high tension, drama, characterization, and a killer of a cliff hanger. This issue pretty much lacked all of that, which made for a very “ho-hum” experience.

The Bottom Line: While Soldier Zero is not badly written or drawn, this book just isn’t exciting.

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