Penny For Your Soul #4

A comic review article by: Karyn Pinter
Danica is in jail after assaulting Jesus, Mary’s running the hotel, and Jesus is forgiving people of their sins, among other Jesus-like activities that may or may not include heralding in the final Judgment of mankind. Action and suspense of biblical proportions will be the next issue. That’s okay though, because in issue #4 of Penny For Your Soul the stakes are raised and bets are still being placed on the outcome of the Sin City’s final hour.

So this wasn’t a big action issue, nor did it score on the same comedy level as the previous issues, but big things happened in Penny For Your Soul this time around. It was a bit of a lull, but I like to look at this as a platform, one from which the dramatic and likely sex-tastic conclusion will be launched.

Things are really building up for a spectacular showdown between the light and the dark, but really, it’s all a bit shady. Everyone is in it for themselves, except maybe Jesus, because he’s the Christian Lord and Savior, but even he seems to be hiding a few tricks up the sleeves of that tailored suit he wears.

Come to think of it, Jesus is probably the shadiest character in the whole comic. He does break the first Seal of Seven, leading to the Apocalypse, but before he does that he forgives Danica of her sins. Yeah, I have no clue what act he’s putting on, first having Danica tossed in prison and then forgiving her, but I trust Tom Hutchison has something wonderful in store for all of us. And this is the first time we see our anti-heroine truly defeated, and defeated by humility at that. I guess it’s hard to be the daughter of a demon and accept forgiveness for your crimes and heritage.

With the continuing build up for the final battle, a mysterious, motorcycle riding man rolls into Eternity. Can’t quite put my finger on who he is, but I’m leaning towards Horseman of the Apocalypse or maybe an avenging angel. Either way, he makes an impression on both the reader and on one of the characters. It’s very refreshing to have a comic where, even though this isn’t an explosive issue in the normal sense of high action, it still pulls you in and keeps you interested in the story by adding a mystery man in a leather jacket. Who doesn’t fall for that every time?

There aren’t many issues left for Penny For Your Soul and there doesn’t seem to be much time left for the human race with three opposite sides all vying for control. Things are in disarray and there is no certain outcome. We’re all chips on the roulette table of fate. As always, it isn’t too late to get hooked. All you have to do is make the order through your local shop.

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