Invaders Now! #3

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
The modern day Invaders battle Hitler's Uber-Nazis while learning the secret behind the outbreak of a perversion they destroyed years ago. The fights are enjoyable because the orchestrator of the remembrance of things past beefs up the Uber-Nazis. This forces the Invaders to employ a little teamwork that could be read as cheating. Caio Reis and Vincente Andrade make these moments memorable through kinetic choreography that utilizes the Invaders' powers to their fullest. Dig Spitfire's multiple fist attack on Master Man, a fastball special at Iron Cross and a cyborg arm Bucky crunch.

Reis and Andrade also accomplish the very difficult task of evoking the sort of "footage" that would be executed through stop-animation or computer. The village that the Invaders burned to the ground rises from the ashes piece by piece until each structure is whole.

Such a feat demands magic and that's where the writers lost me. For the first two issues, I was reading a book about Arnim Zola creating a biological weapon that the Invaders had to stop at a horrible cost. The weapon resurfaces and forces a unification of the team. All of that made sense, but this issue Ross and Gage multiply entities by injecting the occult into the proceedings.

I expected Zola up to his old tricks again because that's what mad Nazi scientists do. The presence of the Uber-Nazis sealed the deal, but at the same time, I'm expected to believe this new lunatic performed some ritual that coincidentally rebuilds the past. That coincidence just snaps my suspension of disbelief, even if it does allow for Captain America to deliver one helluva a speech that describes the Nazi fighters' heroism in spades.

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