Daomu #1

A comic review article by: Michael Roberts
If you didn’t pick Daomu #1 up yet, you need to go back to your store as soon as possible. This book had its weaknesses, but the pacing and vibrant art of the main action sequence of this issue are absolutely gripping.

Daomu is the story of a young man who finally has the chance to meet once again with his estranged father. Midway through their get-together, lead character Sean Wu finds out his father is involved with some very dangerous people – some of whom do not seem to be human.

Daomu is a series originally published in China that was translated for English-speaking audiences. The art is done in a surprisingly dynamic painted style that gives the book a cinematic energy. Artist Ken Chou capitalizes on the comic format by packing pages full of panels that give little snapshots of the emotion of the scene. Whether highlighting facial expressions or leaves falling, each of these small panels come together to build energy. The art team also places some blur effects on cars and people in motion, and these little touches help the scene feel all the more dynamic.

The book suffers slightly from the translation process as the writing seems a bit choppy in some of the descriptions. Wu tells the audience how he feels in a couple of scenes, and his directness is a bit odd for Western writing. There is also a large amount of description on the title page explaining the history of the characters and groups in detail even before we get to meet anyone in the story. While this information is interesting, it was not essential for this issue and could have probably been folded into the dialogue at a later point.

Beyond these few negative points, the rest of the book moves quickly, and readers can really get swept up in the pace and mystery of the story. This is definitely worth checking out.

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