Batman Beyond #2

A comic review article by: David Pinckney
For the second issue of a new ongoing series, it's a little unsettling when the issues feels like it is fighting with itself and unable to figure out what direction it wants to go.

It also has a bit of a logic problem. The previous one ends with a standoff against the Justice League, and in this issue, for some reason, Batman picks a fight with them. It sort of boggles the mind since both Batman and the Justice League have the same goal. What's even more concerning is that you begin to ask “Why are they fighting?” just as Batman suddenly realizes that maybe the shouldn't be fighting, surrenders and asks to work with them. This should have happened in the first place and it makes the first half of the comic mean absolutely nothing. While it only seems fair that Batman gives a reason for fighting them, it is so weak, so out of character and such a waste of time that it's hard to forgive.

The use of the Justice League could have been something great, but when you read the issue they're used as a crutch, adding action where action isn't needed. This issue could have been perfect to really show what the league can do in terms of being heroes rather then going toe-to-toe with Batman. It just makes them seem hot-headed -- which to some degree they are -- but it doesn't make sense to diverge so far from a rescue mission when there are several hostages not but 100 feet away.

On top of this, the real villain of the arc pretty much just sits around for most of the issue not doing anything. Yes, the villain is having his own complications, but he goes from wanting power to whining, and it doesn't fit. It felt like his internal complications only served to delay the comic just long enough for Batman to fight the Justice League.

Within the issue we do get a strange sense of convenience. When you feel like you don't have all the information needed to understand a situation and it's all suddenly handed to you anyway, it can get to you. Normally getting information isn't a bad thing, but the presentation of the information is a little unflattering for the comic. It just constantly feels like this issue is trying to find itself.

It's really tough to figure out the true point of the issue, but what it does do well is give some fun action scenes even if they weren't actually needed. In addition to this, once the villain finally gets back on track we have a promise of an interesting new opposition for Batman to take on.

Overall, the comic had several faults but I can't help feel that, considering the six-issue mini-series was pretty good, the ongoing will eventually find its groove. Until then, we just have to look on the brighter side of things and realize at the end of the day, it could have been worse.

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