Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #7

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Issue #7 is nothing more or less than a light, bouncy day in the life of Spider-Man with a mutant rally being a small focus for the action. Wolverine and Kitty Pryde happen to be attending. Chat, Spidey's Mutant girlfriend, decides to test her beau's recuperation through a game of super-powered tag with Kitty and Logan participating.

Artist Jacopo Camagni illustrates the lion's share of Spider-Man. Ronan Cliquet's artwork, though more realistic and streamlined, is just as valid. The switchover is, however, a little jarring.

Camagni relishes the opportunity to run Spidey through gymnastic paces as much as Tobin loves running the wall-crawler's motormouth. Camagni's Spider-Man vaults over Wolverine. He flips through the air and spins web-balls and streamers. Camagni makes Wolverine a bulky barrel of brutish charm, and his take on Kitty Pryde as a grinning blue and yellow phantom is a winning combination.

Tobin superbly depicts realistic relationships between Spidey and Chat and his buddies Wolverine and Kitty Pryde. The scenes between Kitty and Chat although devoid of super-hero talk are fun and grant an authentic flavor to the layered writing.

The Blonde Phantom Agency gets a good showing even without being on panel. Boss Berto Torino who was responsible for Spidey's recent painful match against Bullseye hires the Blonde Phantom as a go-between to deliver a proposition to Spidey. Kudos to Tobin for giving the private eye a task that a private eye actually would do and I just love how Tobin establishes the boundaries with Chat. She's an operative of the Blonde Phantom, a friend of Spider-Man, a messenger to Berto Torino, and the girlfriend of Peter Parker. It's just an excellent juggling act.

Tobin furthermore develops the characterization of Boss Berto Torino. The Boss acknowledges Spidey as an admirable archenemy and he even expresses a bit of humanity in that he doesn't kill the cute squirrel that delivers the message. Chat, for those not in the know, talks to animals. Overall, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man is still the best Spider-Man book being published.

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