Avengers Academy #6

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
It's no secret that I hate Jessica Jones. She's an insult to all detectives, especially private eyes. This week, she appears in Avengers Academy and, given my bias against her, I've decided to ignore her completely in order to arrive at the fair grade of three bullets for a solidly okay issue of the otherwise rockem' sockem' Avengers Academy.

The kids vote Reptil team leader and, as a result, he gets the all-access card. Related 99% from Reptil's point of view, the narration acts as a fluid display of writing that distinguishes the voice of the teen hero.

Gage reveals how Reptil thinks, his fears, and his passions. He displays why Reptil is the perfect team leader but, in a humorous moment, not a perfect being. I also like the plot developments involving Reptil's decision to use his leadership to steer his comrades away from the dark side.

Gage in addition evolves a reasonable explanation for how Reptil's powers work and why he can only manifest piecemeal dinosaur parts. A bit of mystery involving Jack Kirby's Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy also appears to play a part in the cadet's transformations. I've never been a big Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy fan, but I must admit I find the linkage intriguing.

The art by Mike McKone, Jeromy Cox and inkers Dave Meikis, Rebecca Buchman, Andrew Hennessy, Rick Ketchum create a warm superhero tapestry that emphasizes the valiant. The heroes walk the walk. Their costumes symbolize the heroic ideal of a colorful, bright, and shiny world. Most important, for me anyway, in the 8 panels she's in, Tigra looks gggggggreat!

The cover is a bit of a fib. However, the creative team more than atone through the beautiful scene in which Tigra decks Justice. I never imagined that happening and while the current incarnation of Justice has grown on me a little, that punch is sweet. Tigra is love.

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