Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet #3

A comic review article by: Michael Deeley

Death's Head is here! In the first panel on the first page!

Our heroes quickly beat the space pirates and continue their journey through hyperspace. They're attacked by Astrocrows, giant space birds Wolverine has fought before. Forty minutes of off-panel fighting later, the Avengers finally confront Thanos. And get their butts beat.

This issue improves the last for two reasons. The team actually finds Thanos, the goal of this story. It also has more jokes and they're all funny. Doom suffers the wrath of an angry trucker mom. Lines like, “They're metaphorical sails,” and “I spent a month in hyperspace one night,” make me laugh out loud. But the highlight for me was Wolverine's grudge match with the Astrocrows. They're giant creatures no one else has seen, but Wolverine "has a score to settle with them.” He says it goes back to a thing with the Shi'Ar and leaves it at that. While it does require the reader to have some familiarity with X-Men history to get the reference, it does show Wolverine to be a man who's literally been every place you can imagine. And he made an enemy there. We also see how boring it is for Wolverine teammates as they sit around and wait for him to beat everyone up.

After months of dour storytelling and grim violence in Shadowland, it's nice to laugh. I hope Clevinger and Black write more comics in the Marvel Adventures line. I'd even like to see them write comics in the main continuity. The action scenes in this series have been as exciting as any I've seen on other comics. Comics today just aren't as much fun as they used to be, and Clevinger and Black know how to make a fun comic book.

So this funny, goofy series approaches its conclusion. How will our heroes defeat an enemy who is literally all-powerful? I'm thinking a practical joke that distracts Thanos and makes him look stupid. Which isn't much different from the original story.

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