Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #4

A comic review article by: Sam Salama Cohén
Looks like the best is yet to come…

And, just when you think you know how the story is about to end…there comes the cool, unexpected twist. That is exactly what good storytelling should always be about, right?

To make myself perfectly clear: as I was in the middle of the last issue of this Super-Soldier mini-series, I had a clear picture in my mind of how the rest of the issue was going to go, due to previous clues and story development.

And, when I closed the comic for good, I could not help but to think that Brubaker once again pulled all the stops here, and made me look like a fool.

He didn’t just give the reader a satisfying and intriguing conclusion to the intimate and at the same time big-scale story that he’s started to tell with this mini-series; but he also managed to tie the events taking place right now in his Secret Avengers title (remember the mysterious Shadow Council, guys? Well, they do have big plans in store regarding Steve Rogers and the entire world!) and the events of the mini, that after the shocking ending, were completely reinterpreted in my mind.

Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier reminds us of some very important traces of the Simon-Kirby creation:
  1. Humanity and courage through adversity. Steve was a brave teenager that, in the worst of circumstances (his mother had died, the economy was in a huge downturn and the whole world at war), decided that he had to help in whichever way possible. Steve Rogers is, and will always be, a man trapped between two worlds. His past and the present he lives in.
  2. First and only example of what many dream about but never reach. A super-being. Agile. Fast. Intelligent. A leader. Master of hand-to-hand combat. Resourceful gadget-wise. He really is the ultimate super-hero. But though he has fought many fights on his own, he still is a team-player.
This mini has had its ups and downs, but now that everything is said and done, I am left with a great taste in my mouth.

The work by Brubaker, Eaglesham and Troy has been extraordinary, especially on this last issue, where the characters really expressed the inner turmoil they were feeling.

Do you want to read a plot that harkens back to the creation of Captain America, while being firmly rooted in the present Marvel continuity? Then you should give this mini the shot it deserves.

Revelations, twists, hints of menaces to come, and all of that topped with that very satisfying espionage touch that Ed Brubaker masters.

You thought the Captain America mythos couldn’t be reinvented? You were dead wrong, pal.

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