Irredeemable #18

A comic review article by: Michael Deeley
Qubit plays a recording from the Hornet made before his death. He reveals when he began to suspect Plutoian was more powerful, and more dangerous, than they ever suspected. So he struck a deal with an alien race he called "The Vespa" who had technology that could defeat the Plutonian. But in return, he's endangered billions of innocent lives and damned his soul. Meanwhile, Plutonian reveals to Samsara that he's always know known Sam was really Modeus, his archenemy.

It’s looking more and more like the title Irredeemable could apply to most of the heroes of Paradigm. Bette Noir kept quiet about a substance that could hurt Plutonian to cover up her affair with him. Qubit’s keeping secrets of his own for the “greater good.” Now we learn the Hornet has been selling out innocent planets to a race of conquerors on the hope they might, might, defeat the Plutonian if he ever turned evil. I don’t know which is worse--Hornet sacrificing billions of lives out of fear, or having that fear come true thus partly justifying his actions.

The Plutonian’s speech to Samsara/Modeus is one of the most heartfelt and honest declarations of love I’ve ever read. Plutonian confesses that Modeus has been the one constant in his life. Even though they’re enemies, Modeus has been more dependable than the Plutonian’s friends. And as long as Modeus wears Samsara’s face, Plutonian could never hate him.

So he burns it off.

The situation just keeps getting worse and I’m enjoying it even more.

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