Massive Awesome #1

A comic review article by: Karyn Pinter
Where would you ever see a piece of bacon and a pickle take on a band of little ninjas? In Massive Awesome, that’s where. Brought to us by the same mind responsible for Jesus Hates Zombies, Massive Awesome is a lesson in bizarre entertainment.

Where to even start with this one? Massive Awesome is indeed awesome. It’s a comic about a piece of Rambo like bacon and his freshly rescued best bud, Pickle—a pickle that thinks it’s a zombie. Bacon is some sort of government agent and he gets retired after his hasty retrieval of Pickle. So we’ve got a mindless pickle and a kick-ass piece of bacon--are we missing anything? Oh, yeah, a band of mini ninjas and a normal-sized ninja in a mechsuit that try to kill Bacon and Pickle, which leads them off on a wild goose chase to Scotland.

Stephen Lindsay is my kind of crazy. He has an idea and he writes it down. Did he get piss drunk one night and this was the byproduct, or did he become a recluse at a Zen temple for months weaving together the silken threads that would become Massive Awesome? Who cares, it’s a comic about a piece of talking bacon and it’s that kind of abstract genius that some love, most appreciate, and others ignore. I use the word genius in the same way I use it for the creators of South Park or Weird Al. The material that they produce is so abstract and so profoundly random, but it’s clever and catches one’s attention because it shocks and confuses, but always leaves an impression.

There is no rhyme or reason to Massive Awesome and there really is no excuse for the mindlessness of it all, but it’s fun and will keep you entertained. All in all, a big thumbs for the butt kicking bacon and quasi-zombie pickle. If you’re a fan of Jesus Hates Zombies then you’ll adore, nay, love Stephen Lindsay’s massively awesome Massive Awesome.

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