Lone Ranger #24

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Tonto escorts Linda and Dan to his people. Meanwhile, the Lone Ranger finally meets up with Cavendish.

The relationship between Tonto and the old, wise squaw is the best thing in this issue of The Lone Ranger. The dialogue and the situation amuses. As to the Lone Ranger's and Cavendish's momentous encounter. Meh.

Part of me just wishes the Ranger had shot Cavendish in the head and ended the trickle pace, but no, we can't have that. Matthews exacerbates the timeless tale with a tedious countermove from Cavendish. Yeah, didn't see that coming.

It's mildly interesting that Cavendish doesn't understand why the Lone Ranger is taking events so personally. Even when the Ranger relates his origin, Cavendish still cannot comprehend the Ranger's rage. He simply does not possess the emotions that allow others to sympathize.

Sergio Cariello excels when depicting the cast of characters. The Ranger's fury practically burns from his ice-blue eyes, but great artwork does not make a great comic book. Great artwork merely gives the reader a reason why he should continue buying a one-trick pony. Me? I just want to see this story end. Then I may just drop this book from my subscription list. Although I love the Lone Ranger, the snail-spry movement of the story is a killer to tolerate.

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