Futurama Comics #51

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Open Futurama Comics and be dazzled by a splash page that captures the beauty of space. James Lloyd, Andrew Pepoy, and Allan Hellard combine their talents for a gorgeous solar system so aesthetically enticing that the imagery could appear in a dramatic space opera.

Believe it or not, artistically speaking, the book simply gets better. While adhering to Futurama model sheets, the illustrative team always position a cosmic backdrop outside the Planetary Express ship and emphasize the science fiction atmosphere. Planetside, the team populate the story with aliens new and old and design a fetching new uniform for Leela.

In the back up tale, Mike Kazaleh, Mike Rote and Nathan Hamill disgust the reader with portraits of Zap Brannigan, the smug, clueless, portly blowhard Captain of DOOP Forces. Note, how Brannigan's tux-skirt is nauseatingly smaller than his uniform skirt. The short's difficult to witness but in a good way.

Eric Rogers writes both stories. His characterization for the cast is dead-on, and his plotting makes sense, but there's very few laugh out loud moments. The main story is more of a straight-forward, quirky science fiction adventure that wouldn't be suitable for any other characters, except perhaps the crew of Red Dwarf. The Zap Brannigan vignette is too brief to instill any impact.

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