Velocity #3

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Velocity races the clock to save her friends from a life threatening virus. The Big Bad has other plans and Velocity finds killer robots barring her way.

I expected this issue to be pretty much over in two pages. Velocity is after all super-fast and it's doubtful that killer robots would prove too difficult to defeat. Marz surprises me.

Though the pace is speedy, the killer robots believably hamper Velocity's success. However, you never once think she'll fail because her determination is almost as powerful as she is rapid.

Tension increases, and Kenneth Rocafort, with Sunny Gho's gorgeous "water colors," crafts eye-popping examples of Velocity in action. The two page poster depicting Velocity leaping, bouncing, and spinning through the air to catch the life-giving serum before the vial shatters on the ground is particularly breathtaking.

Velocity tends to two of her fallen teammates this issue and though she manages to save Cyblade, she does so at great cost. The final pages will likely leave you stunned, especially given the fact that Velocity will run at least one more issue.

I can imagine several ways out of the shocking cliffhanger and one is foreshadowed this issue. Whatever Ron Marz chooses, I'm sure it will be good because he excels when depicting this engaging bona fide superhero that risks her very life to save her comrades.

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