Supergirl #60

A comic review article by: David Pinckney
It feels like once you get used to one writer, you suddenly get a new one, and that new writer has some rather large shoes to fill. In addition, that writer has some expectations to live up to and, well, as readers we are kind of opposed to something upsetting the established norm. Sterling Gates had a fantastic run, and now Nick Spencer and James Peaty got a chance to take a crack at it. They tried to live up to what Gates left behind, and on all fronts the succeeded.

When you read this issue you'll realize that for a Supergirl book, there isn't a whole lot of Supergirl. She is not the star of this issue per se, but all the supporting characters are. What this issue isn't, is super heroics. We have some fights, but that is not the point. What this issue is, though, is set up. Spencer and Peaty are setting up for something huge. This comic supports so little action but does it so well, with so much intrigue, that you will feel like more issues of this design would be appreciated. We meet some characters that, even in this one issue, develop so much that, by the end, you feel like you've known these characters for years.

The issue does feel risky, though, like it is walking that line of trying to grab the reader with drama and suspense as opposed to action. Some may be put off by this, but this issue is truly fantastic. The pacing lets you take time and absorb the information you're receiving at a nice rate, but then the comic hits a pretty definitive point where it is suspenseful and it starts moving fast. The fast move adds to the intensity and gravity of the situation. Spencer and Peaty really got it right here -- they really got a comic that delivers a story that hits all the important parts.

Chang's art in this issue at times seems to fall a little short, but is good overall. In fact, the whole art team puts together a pretty solid comic.

Now, it is unfortunate that Spencer is only doing this one issue, but if the arc continues like this issue did we are in for an insane ride. What was set-up in this issue begs for questions to be answered. If you like the series, you'll love the issue and if you've never picked up Supergirl before, then trust that this is a great place to start.

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