28 Days Later #19

A comic review article by: Thomas Crawford
EDITOR's NOTE: 28 Days Later #19 will be in stores January 19th.

This issue sees Clint and Selena on the run from the crazy killing machine that is Captain Stiles. Aren’t there supposed to be zombies here?

Depending on how you look at it, it is either the greatest strength or greatest weakness of this book that it reminds us of how great Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead is. Like that book, this one focuses more on the human beings than the zombies, and comparison is almost impossible to avoid in that regard. Fortunately, Nelson provides some terrific characterization, resulting in even those unfamiliar with the franchise quickly becoming engaged. Unfortunately, this book comes up wanting in the comparison to Kirkman’s zombie magnum opus. This is not to say that Nelson is a bad writer, mind you. This simply means that Kirkman is better.

Alejandro Aragon’s art, on the other hand, is terrific. It combines the best parts of Alex Maleev and cover artist Sean Phillips to produce some very gritty, very creepy imagery. The image of a room full of dead bodies, for instance, will likely stick with you even after you finish reading this comic. While his characters’ faces do not emote excellently, their body language and movement is all very purposeful. If Aragon improves his ability to portray facial expressions, he will be a formidable talent in the comics industry.

Ultimately, I think this series will read better in the trade paperback format. Although I got a good sense for who these characters were, I didn’t wholly understand their purpose. My advice to the curious reader is to catch up on the backstory first. And to those who have been following this series since the beginning, I sincerely hope that your patience is rewarded.

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