Secret Six #29

A comic review article by: Travis Walecka
It’s about time! If you have a pull list at your local comic shop containing DC Comics, odds are that Secret Six is one of the titles. Funny, then, how this is my first purchase of Gail Simone’s wildly successful antihero title. In the past I’ve trade-waited Secret Six, considering this series hasn’t played a major role in recent events. Though honestly, it’s become a constant annoyance to see many of my colleagues in the comic world pick up this title up and absolutely love it.

The old crossover method worked me over into buying this title solo, as the last issue of Action Comics team-up against Vandal Savage concludes here. Not wanting to wait eight to ten months for its conclusion, I decided now was the time to jump in. With Gail Simone’s effortless wit and take on Lex Luthor that very nearly matches Cornell’s, I’m glad I did. Although the creative teams are different this time out, the smooth transition will have you checking the credits. Vandal’s unbridled threats to Luthor continue, while his daughter Scandal’s whispering repartee with Lex is perfect.

Thankfully the issue gets a lot deeper than that, including the very origin of Scandal’s birth. Simone doesn’t stop with the conversational shocks, and even when the first half of the issue feels more an Action Comics issue, the second half is undeniably owned by Bane, Catman, and crew. Marcos Marz’ does a great job emulating the stilled, new painterly style of Pete Woods in this shot, while Jason Wright’s brushes contain a whole different palette, one more akin to pragmatism than Brad Anderson’s bright colors. The contrast makes sense, especially when it comes to Ragdoll’s wistful rants.

This shouldn’t be the last time these titles meet again, at least not the last time these writers do. Their penchant for writing clever personalities is so apparent I wouldn’t mind seeing the two sharing co-writing duties during a big Lex event. Does a Birds of Prey/Secret Six crossover seem a little more obvious? Regardless, with all these villains on Lex’s bucket list being shot down by his wits month after month, something bad (or orange) is bound to brew—and trade-waiting Secret Six is not one of them.

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