Heroes For Hire #2

A comic review article by: Travis Walecka
The sole positive outcome of Shadowland was a new ongoing title by Marvel’s masters of sci-fi, Abnett and Lanning, more collectively known as DnA. The hope is that the dynamic writing duo delivers as much humor and juice into Marvel’s mean streets as it did with underdog Guardians of the Galaxy. Sure, the odds are slim this revamped Heroes For Hire will pack the uncanny banter of Rocket, Cosmo, and Starlord. Yet as long as these Marvel Knights urge fans to clamor “Awesome '90s!” once again, DnA will sure to be pleased.

Ghost Rider, Silver Sable, Elektra, Iron Fist, Moon Knight--these were characters that undoubtedly burned through thousands of readers’ wallets during those times, but can never seem to grasp a hold of today’s audience. What happens when you put them all together with anthology style missions that collectively aim for an ultimate goal? Well, with this issue I’m not so sure.

Heroes For Hire #2 goes in a different direction this month as Paladin’s intel for Control (think DC’s Oracle, but Misty Knight) gets brushed wayside for a Silver Sable solo infiltration. Little does Misty know this forthcoming task contains more occult roadblocks than usual, or does she? With Puppet Master secretly at the helm, these tasks get about as ghastly as they come. And that’s the straw that stirs the drink. While I enjoyed the debut issue a little more, the ongoing providence of Control’s actual whereabouts and, ahem, control is the ultimate intrigue. Besides, Brad Walker scorching out several bad-ass Johnny Blaze panels may be worth the price of admission alone.

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