Ultimate Captain America #1

A comic review article by: Travis Walecka
This case is one of the few times I wouldn’t mind Wolverine having another book. “What?!?” you say? Well, allow me to explain. Aaron’s take on Steve Rogers during the recent Weapon X run was so good it just had to be the primary reason for this Ultimate take on the legendary character. Unfortunately for readers, this version is no more of a Punisher rip in red, white, and blue than anything else. And that was just done in Millar’s recent version of Mr. Castle in U.C. Avengers. Bah. Sure, it’s Jason Aaron at the helm, but that does not necessarily mean the esteemed writer should get a pass. At the very least, Aaron should be held to a much higher standard.

His take on Wolverine in the 616 is surely unparalleled. If Logan joined this brand new John McClane-inspired Cap to rip through serum-driven drones and cool down later with a fair brew or too, then fine, the direction of this title could be more lucid. This Captain--other than a few typical Jason Stratham moments--inspires little. Aaron could deploy a new bad ass Wolvie to a more personable super soldier; sort of a Lethal Weapon gone mad.

If the plotting didn’t match up with Ultimate Thor, neither does its art. And it’s a bit of a surprise, considering how well Ron Garney’s sleek pencils flowed with Aaron’s techno-genic mass undertakings. Harsh neon green blades were a plenty, characters conveyed much maligning, backdrops reminded of a Terminatorland where reality was invaded by the far evocative future. Rather, this issue’s digital ink was slapped together in no time, perhaps to coincide with the looming movie buzz. With classic Wolverine in the resume, this creative team will always be one of my faves. Though you have to think with this pedestrian effort, their better days could very well be behind them.

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