Widowmaker #3

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
In Widowmaker we learn the puppeteer behind the events. Hint: He's an old character known to the Black Widow and Hawkeye. Thankfully, Ronin did not peel off his mask to reveal Ivan. That would have been as bad as Angel being Twilight.

McCann beautifully snaps the repartee between old lovers and comrades while beefing up the action so mind-blowingly displayed by the Lopezes. Several scenes allude to and mimic the speed of Shaw Brothers martial arts mayhem.

The Lopezes contribute sly humor with moments such as the Widow contemplating how dumb stick Hawkeye manages to score with the ladies, and their art is just so perfectly measured. None of the panels look cluttered. The distinctive features they imbue to the cast not only stop at expression but also the actual design of the face. Contrast Black Widow's consistent fuller face to Mockingbird's thinner bone structure. Observe how each of the deadly geisha that Hawkeye attempts to interrogate bear singular features.

The entire creative team embellish the highlight of Widowmaker. You may think it's the fight scene, but McCann, the Lopezes and Fairbairn choose a more personal moment to highlight. Hawkeye and Mockingbird reunited.

The book could have earned five bullets, but the villain's convoluted scheme is really gaga, and I just couldn't work up any emotion over it.

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