GI JOE #25

A comic review article by: Mike Prezzato
The Joe team back engineers a Cobra teleportation device while Snake Eyes begins a new friendship with a female Joe. Fairly new Joe member Helix, a stealthy female commando, strikes up a partnership with Snake Eyes over the new teleportation technology and how they can utilize it in lieu of the rest of the Joes. They've got a plan to track down a mysterious group of COBRA vipers and end up bending a few of the rules in the process. The Helix-Snake Eyes dynamic is the most interesting aspect of this issue, and also sets up some future jealousy from Snake's main squeeze, the fiery haired Scarlett. The ending of this issue wraps up a bit too quick, with a little much happening at once, but pays off when Snake Eyes and Helix's plan comes to fruition, setting up a tense situation for the following book.

On a side note, it was interesting to see that even Joe scientists are given code names. If I was a kid, I don't know if iIwould want a Brainstorm or Labrat action figure, with missile launching microscopes (wait..that sounds awesome), but it's much cooler than calling them Rick and Steve. A small thing, sure, but it adds to the overall Joe lore in a big way.

The art was up and down at times. Many of the Joes' faces looked a bit weak, but in the action scenes everything is pretty solid. The colors are noticeably borderline as well, sometimes bland (semi expected with so many fatigues in play) with a bit too many light flares to maybe compensate.

This issue is pretty good. It works well, but not exactly mind blowing. If you need a great GI JOE book right now, check out GI JOE: Cobra, post-haste, soldier!

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